Mercedes Fable

I was VFX Supervisor/3d Lead for this SuperBowl commercial.

Kay Jewelers Penguins

A commercial I directed and was 3d Lead on for Kay Jewelers.

Dish To The Death

Another Dish Network commercial I was VFX/CG supervisor for.

Dish Mom’s Fault

A Dish Network spot I was VFX/CG Supervisor on.

Dish Road Trip

Dish Network “Road Trip” spot I was VFX/Shoot Supervisor on.

BMW Respect

A BMW commercial I was CG supervisor for the train section.


I am happy to be joining the MPC family here in NY :)

Article Here

EA Games

A trailer for EA that I was cg lead for at MPC NY.

“Got Milk?” Superbowl 2013

A superbowl spot with the rock which I was CG Lead and Shoot Supervisor for the Mill in NY.

Mill US Showreel 2012

The Mill US’ showreel for 2012. A few projects I worked on in there.